Use the Law of Attraction: Step Two: Conscious Belief

Step Two: Conscious Belief

Now that we have made our request to the universe with clear intent and positive expectation, it is time to take the second step in order to continue to use the law of attraction.

The essence of the second step is to consciously accept the fact that what you have asked for is yours.  Believe that the request you made has been granted the moment the request was made.  Some people see this step as “make believe” and feel it is childish.  It is important that whenever you make a conscious decision to use the law of attraction that doubt and negative feelings are avoided at all times.  A great way to avoid these types of feelings is to see the acceptance step for what it really is; visualization.

You must begin to experience the feelings you will feel when you actually receive it, right away.  You must accept that what you have asked for is yours and begin to visualize what it will feel like when your request has manifested itself in the here and now.  Visualization is a key component of the acceptance step.

You should view the visualization process as fun!  It is important to note that when visualizing you can and should use all five senses, sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.   Let’s use asking for a certain amount of money as an example.  I would like to earn _______ amount per ______.   Visualize what your life will be like when you earn that amount.  Visualize what you will do with that money, if its making you as well as others happy you can visualize yourself giving a friend a nice gift.  You can imagine the smile on your friends face as they receive their gift. You can feel the joy and happiness that gift may bring to them.    You can imagine what they might say to you, or the sound of their laughter. Visualize the setting and what you will be doing when they receive the gift, perhaps over coffee.  Imagine the gift itself; imagine how it would look and how it will feel.  There really are no limits to the visualization process when you use the law of attraction.


Another component to the acceptance step is gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most important feelings to emit when you use the law of attraction. It is important to feel gratitude for what you are going to receive right away. Be thankful for the happiness giving your friend that gift will give you and also show gratitude for the happiness your friend has received as well. Gratitude is another positive return example. You should not only feel gratitude for what you have requested but you should also feel gratitude for what you have already received. Keep in mind that feelings of gratitude are again cyclical. When you are grateful for all the good things in your life the universe corresponds with giving you more things to be grateful for.  You can even make a gratitude list before making your request. You can read it as often as you like knowing that this will put you on a positive frequency vibration level right away.  Write down everything in your life you are grateful for, this can start with “I’m grateful that I’m alive” and then list all the reasons you have to be grateful.   It can really be anything, the people in your life, the food that’s on your table, the car that you have; there are so many things people can be thankful for. When you are grateful for the things in your life that you have received and you are feeling gratitude for what you have requested, you automatically multiply the frequency of any requests that you make.  Whatever it is that you request, there are no limits to the amount of gratitude that you will feel for receiving all the good things that you want in your life.


Central Summary:

  • Feel as though you have received your request
  • Visualize receiving what you have requested
  • Use all five senses when visualizing
  • Feel gratitude for receiving your request before manifestation


Central Positive Action Step:

  • Write a gratitude list of all the things good  you have received


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