Use the Law of Attraction: Step Three: Trust

Step Three: Trust


The third step that you need to be aware of  when you use the law of attraction is trust.  This can be the most difficult step for some people. Trust that what you have asked for is yours and trust that the universe will respond to your continual positive thoughts with positive results.  You need to think, act and speak as though your request has been granted in the present tense. When you combine this faith in the universe with feelings of gratitude and visualization as referred to in step two, you truly are multiplying the power of the law of attraction. Every positive step taken in faith with trust will lead to manifestation of truly magnificent things.

How do you know if you truly trust the universe? Examine your feelings. Feelings are a thought measuring device, they tell us exactly what we are thinking and what frequency our thoughts are on in an instant.  You must feel as though you have received your request now!  You should feel great now!

It is important that during this stage that you do not concentrate or notice the fact that you don’t have your request. Always be aware that conscious focus is the key. Noticing that you do not have your request can only put you on a negative frequency and attract more of not having the things you truly want. If you are concentrating on the fact that you do not have your request yet it is no different than the “I don’t want” syndrome.  Never question the how or the where or the when of your manifestation, this should never be our concern. When you use the law of attraction keep in mind that the law is cyclical any negative thought will only produce negative results.

Time is non-existent to the universe; everything can co-exist in the parallel. For some this is a hard concept to accept. Our conscious mind can only see the present, this is what we perceive as “the here and now”.  We can only manifest in what we perceive as the present when we are on the positive frequency. If there is any doubt or distrust in the universe, the universe can only return more of that same thought or feeling to us. The result is a delay in what we perceive as the present. We perceive this as our desire not being manifested “quickly” enough. If you are experiencing this delay it is generally from a feeling of doubt, this doubt is caused by the fact that we have noticed that we haven’t attracted our request yet. Remember when you use the law of attraction that trust is a key component that will lead to positive action and manifestation.


Central Summary:

  • Trust that what you have requested is yours.
  • Trust combined with visualization and gratitude is a multiplier
  • Use your feelings as a barometer
  • Do not concentrate on not having your request
  • Time is of no concern to the universe



Central Positive Action Step:

  • Think act as speak as though your request has been manifested in the present


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