Use the Law of Attraction: Step One: Request

Step one:  Request

Once you have a basic understanding of what the law of attraction is and how it works there are steps you can take to use the law of attraction and put it into action.

The first thing you need to do is make a request.  A request is a formal way of asking for something that you would like to receive. You can request anything you like, something as simple as “I want to have a great day” is just as valid a request as asking to be a millionaire. When making a request it is important to be as clear as possible.  All aspects of your request must be positive in order to use the law of attraction to manifest the desired result. You can make requesting a habit, for some this power of positive request can be liberating.  This in itself is a crucial step in getting on the “feel good” frequency.  However there is one step that needs to be considered before you transmit this thought frequency to the universe, intent.

Intent should not be confused with a wish.  A wish is something that is hope for something that a person believes is not easily attainable.  The word wish should not be part of your request. It immediately presents a conflict in your request. Whenever you use the law of attraction you have to be absolutely clear. You should not send out mixed messages when you use the law of attraction.  To avoid conflict we need to state our request with firm intention.   Intention requires a purpose, a goal and action.

Make your request to the universe without mixed messages!

To multiply the power of making our request with intent, you also need to consider expectations.   Expectations are powerful when used in conjunction with clear intent.   We all know the negative power of expectation.   How many times have you had something go wrong and exclaimed “I expected that to happen.   Negative expectations go hand in hand with the “I don’t want “pandemic.  Often, individuals focus on the things they do not want.  Some people have been conditioned to automatically expect things not to work. How many times heard a person say “I knew that would happen” when something goes wrong?   Whatever the situation, it went wrong because they fully expected it to.  A truly negative thought frequency is being emitted from the conceptual thought, failure was the expectation.  We need to use the power of expectation in a positive sense.  The next time something positive happens use the same phrase!


A great idea is to write down your expectations and your requests.  You need to think about what you want to achieve in your short term goals and long term goals.  Every request you make is a seed that needs time to flourish.  Some seeds require more time to grow than others.  Thinking of goals in both terms will allow time for manifestation of goals both large and small.

Keep in mind the law of attraction is also cyclical,  small changes help sow the positivity required to make a HUGE difference.


Central Summary

  • Consider what you truly want and make a clear request to the universe.
  • Make your request with clear intent, not a wish.
  • Make your request with a positive expectation.


Central Positive Action Step

  •  Write your expectations and requests on paper in the form of a simple list or a letter to yourself.


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