Use the Law of Attraction: Step Four: Action

Through each preceding step you have noticed a positive action step. It is important to note that there are two kinds of actions that everyone takes in their daily lives, positive and negative action. We are all subject to these two kind of actions and the result influences our thoughts and feelings. Note yet again the law of attraction circle.

When you use the law of attraction the second step is crucial and can heavily influence the following steps. When you take action based on the feelings of positive visualization and gratitude the end result can only be positive action. How do you know when you are taking positive action? The answer is simple, it never feels like work.

Take a look at any of the great musicians throughout history, they followed the steps outlined in our use the law of attraction pages whether they were conscious of it or not. They requested that they wanted to be a great musician, they believed the fact that would be, they trusted that they would be a great musician and they took positive action.

Positive action for them was learning and practicing, for some twelve hours a day. I bet if you ask each one of them it never seemed like work.  At first they didn’t know what to practice or even how to practice.  For some, practicing may have been a trial and error exercise, for others they may have been lucky enough that they could afford private lessons and found a teacher that took them to the next level.  One thing is certain; none of them woke up one morning and could suddenly play like a virtuoso.   Positive action is a labour of love, if you keep your eye on the end result (visualization); every step you take to get there will seem less work intensive.  Positive action will always be something you feel you want to do.

No matter what your request is when you use the law of attraction you must follow it with positive action.   It is important to follow your instincts or “gut feelings”.  If it feels right, do it!   You don’t need an entire plan thought out when taking positive action. There are times when you are not even aware that you are taking positive action, it can be on a total subconsioucs level.

Positive action steps do not always have to be huge undertakings, requests such as “I want to feel good today”; can be achieved with smaller steps.  You could volunteer to help out a local food bank or simply hold the door for another person, there is really no limit!  Like our thoughts one positive action step will lead to another and be returned to us. Eventually it will lead to the manifestation of your true desire.

Never let your actions contradict your true desires; this is easier to measure than most people think. If you’re thinking “I would like to have _____, but it’s going to be a lot of hard work to get there”, then you’re not taking positive action. If you feel you are forcing the action you are not on the right track.  If you are aware that your actions don’t feel right then you need to change your course right away.  Once you are on the right track it will feel as though you are driving in the lane of least resistance, if you are on the wrong track it will feel as though you are stuck in traffic.  Again, trust your instincts if it feels labour intensive or “heavy”, it isn’t positive action.



Central Summary:

  • Be aware of positive and negative action
  • Positive action shouldn’t feel like work
  • Follow your instincts and feelings.
  • Never contradict your true desire with negative action


Central Positive Action Step:

  • Consider your request and take the first  action step towards receiving it


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