Dream Big!

http://pinterest.com/pin/214484000976494953/ Smile! It lifts your spirits and raises your vibration level immediately. Dream! It all starts with a thought, be confident that you can achieve anything you can conceive. Laugh! A sure sign that you are broadcasting to the universe on a positive channel is laughter. Be Grateful! I’m sure that no matter your current situation, if you stop and take a closer look at your life, there is plenty to be thankful for at this present moment. From the vision you have to be reading this, to the device you are viewing it on, to the shoes on your … Continue reading

Law of Attraction Affirmations

Affirmation In the Sunshine

 Positive Declaration! Affirmations are another tool that allows us to regulate our thoughts in an effort to parallel the positive vibration frequency. Affirmations also help us state our positive intentions to the universe, when used in conjunction with gratitude lists and visualization our positive energy is multiplied yet again! Above all, be sure to indulge in the proper corresponding feeling that surrounds your declaration. The best thing to do is feel, good all the time! Affirmation by definition is a formal judgement and declaration of something to be true. Faith and belief is a key concept when applying the law … Continue reading