Law of Attraction Money – Abundance 101

How do you feel when you think about money?

Does it make you uncomfortable? How do you feel when you think about money and how it relates to the  law of attraction? Does it make you feel silly? If it does, then you are likely one of the 95% of the population that doesn’t have enough!Gold coins being poured out of a jar

That’s right, 95 % of the global population doesn’t have enough money, and of that top 5% only one person can actually call themselves wealthy.

Why do you think this is happening?

This is not only the case today but has been the case through history.  Is it because they are more intelligent than the average person?

Not likely, while there are plenty of millionaires who have post secondary education or a university degree, there are also many who never finished high school.

Some were born with money, but there are many people who have been flat broke and desperate, who are now wealthy.  More interesting yet, how many stories have you heard about people who lost everything and rebuilt their lives and got it all back?

What is it about them that is different?

There is one common thread that wealthy people have that the rest don’t, they apply the law of attraction and manifest money! They do this whether they are conscious of it or not!  This is what I like to call “law of attraction money” and to do what they do, many of us require a re-conditioning!

Negative Monetary Belief - Law of Attraction Money

Conditioned negative monetary belief?

Many people were raised to think of money as something that is unattainable for most people. We are told that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or that having lots of money is a “dream”.

If we want to apply the law of attraction to attract financial security in our lives we must first change the way we think about money!

It is impossible to live in all encompassing abundance without enough money. Money eases and expands your ability to be generous, outgoing and carefree.

One of the law of attractions fundamental concepts is that you attract what you think about most. If you are thinking about debt and poverty, you will attract debt and poverty.

How many times have you heard this saying? “Money is the root of all evil!”

Money itself is neither good nor bad, it is indifferent. It has no boundaries and it is everywhere.

You can find it at the bank, it is in every ATM machine you pass, and it is in every store and business establishment you see. In one form or another, money is omnipresent. Money itself though has no real purpose, until it can purchase something. It can’t do this alone however; it needs the human element to function. It needs you.

If we want to activate the law of attraction and put it to work for us, we must always remember that the more we give the more we receive.

Law of Attraction Money - bring value to someones' life

What can you do do bring value to someones’ life?

If you want to make more money you must first find something that you can do that will benefit the lives of others. You cannot manifest wealth if you do not serve the greater good. We all know that we have the power to create something from nothing at all. What can you create that will create a positive change in someone else’s life?

Here is a great example, and many people may find this example “beneath” them or childish.

Something as simple as cutting someone’s lawn that cannot cut it themselves is a great service. They may be physically incapable of doing it, or they may just not have time in they’re busy schedule. Whatever the reason, doing this service for them would provide them with something valuable, more time. In turn you could be compensated for giving them time. You really are doing far more than just cutting their lawn!

Maybe you have some knowledge that would benefit others. How could you get this knowledge out into the world?

You could write a book, or produce an audio track. You might want to start your own internet radio station, podcast, or website. The possibilities are endless!


Changing the way we perceive money is the first step to achieving abundance.


Central Summary:

  • You must change the way you think and feel about money!
  • Money is not an unattainable resource
  • Money itself is neither good or bad


Central Positive Action Steps:

  • Think and document ways in which you can be of service to others
  • If you have special knowledge or talent, mind map different ways to enrich the lives of others
  • Do something you love to bring value to peoples’ lives


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