Law of Attraction Love – For Singles

Law of Attraction Love: For Singles

It is Important to remember that one of the keys to understanding and using the law of attraction  is the  thoughts cause feelings that equal actions cycle.

Law of attraction love follows the exact same path.

If you are single today, it is because your thoughts, which have led to your actions, have manifested this current reality for you. If you are looking for a relationship, then its time focus on the now and the future!

 “If you require Love try to realize that the only way to get love is by giving it, that the more you give the more you will get” – Charles Haanel

Law of Attraction Love - Couple with there arms around each otherThe first step into the relationship that you truly want is to make an educated evaluation of yourself.

You need to take stock of who you truly are. Are you the kind of that you would want to attract?   This is an introspective process that you need to undertake with honesty and clarity.   Before you can attract the person you want to be with you have to be the kind of person you would want to be with!

You need to be clear about what you truly want in a relationship, there are lots of questions to be asked here, and the crucial thing is that you be honest with yourself.  Is it a life-long relationship?  Is it a traditional “get married”, raise a family relationship? Is it a committed relationship living apart?  You must decide what you truly want; sending the universe mixed messages via your thoughts will only lead to people who want different types of relationships coming into your life.

How many times have you heard someone say “I’ll never find someone” or the classic “All of the good ones are taken!”?

If you find yourself speaking or thinking in this manner then you will only find that your statements are true. The universe will return your thoughts on the same frequency and you will only find people who you have no connection with!

The next law of attraction love step is to have the belief that the person that you want to attract is out there. You have to have a firm belief that you will find them.

Think about the qualities you seek in the person you want to attract. These qualities are very personal and vary from individual to individual. Remember, there are no limits to what you can want.  Be specific about what is important to you; think about what you want in detail.  A great way to get some clarity is to make a list of the qualities you find attractive and the values that you admire in other people. Making a list or journaling our expectations is a powerful tool when applying the law of attraction to any facet of your life.

Another crucial step in using law of attraction love is to make sure you are happy!

Law of Attraction Love For Singles

If you are currently single, try something new! Pursue your passions! Cooking class anyone?

If you are not in a relationship at the present moment then it is a great time to explore you! Is there something you always wanted to learn how to do but put it off? Now is the time for you to grow and become who you truly are! When you finally do meet that special someone they are meeting the real you, the happy fulfilled person that wants to share that kind of life with their partner. Take a class in something you may be interested in, of course the list can be endless as every individual is different. You could further your education and in turn earn more money, Imagine meeting that special someone while learning something that would further your career?  This is law of attraction multiplication! You could even take a class more “hobby” oriented; there are no rules here except making yourself happy!  If you do meet that person you have dreamed of while pursuing one of your passions, you will both have something in common that you love to do together!

This brings us to something you need to completly avoid. If you have ever thought or said “I would be happier if I could find my other-half” you are noticing what you don’t have and guess how the law of attraction will respond? With more of the same!  Remember that any thoughts of negation can only bring more of that same situation into your life. This is no different when applying the law of attraction to love and relationships.


Central Summary:

  • Evaluate your-self and make necessary changes
  • Be clear about what you truly want in a relationship
  • Believe that the person you seek is out there
  • Be happy with yourself first


Central Positive Action Step:

  • Journal each highlight in the summary and pursue your passion

Law of Attraction Love for Relationships

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