How to Use the Law of Attraction

Even if we are not consciously aware of it, every human being will use the law of attraction.

You have used it to create the life you are living today and have used it to attract the events of your past. Through conscious and unconscious thought, you have attracted every feeling, circumstance and reality that you presently or have previously known.  This is your life experience.  You are the result of the intentions of your thoughts, good and bad, positive and negative.  The law of attraction is indifferent to the outcome or consequence.  It responds to the true intent of any thought that you have.  The law of attraction will respond in kind with the intensity of the thought.

Before you can begin to use the law of attraction to create the life experience you truly want, you must understand what the law of attraction is.  It is difficult to define the law of attraction in one word or phrase.

The Law of attraction in essence is metaphysical energy that is produced by our thoughts. Over the last century neurologists have been able to measure thought scientifically, but the fact that each thought is a form of energy has been known to humanity for centuries.  The earliest reference is in the Emerald Tablet, believed to be recorded in 3000 BC.  The ideology that thoughts have a frequency is evident in Buddhist and Hindu religions dating back to 600 BC.   The frequency or vibrations sent out by thoughts attract other “things” or beings vibrating at the same frequency. Good or positive thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency, bad or negative thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency.

With this powerful knowledge in hand, each person can use the law of attraction to attract what they desire.  We can begin to harness the true power of “self” by making a conscious effort to control how we think and in turn, how we feel.

To begin to use this new found awareness to our advantage it will require a positive reconditioning. Most people spend more time thinking about the things they don’t want.  Eradicating negative words from our thought patterns and vocabulary will require a conscious effort.  Words such as won`t and don`t will not negate the negative feeling of the thought that accompanies them.  For example,   thinking “I do not want to be stuck in traffic” is a thought full of negative connotations.  The inherent feeling is that of worry and fear of the consequence. The words “do not” have no effect on the overall frequency or vibration that the thought is emitting.  The law of attraction interprets this thought as “I want to be stuck in traffic”.

Negative thoughts attract other negative thoughts.  One negative thought is enough to start a chain reaction of negative thoughts.  This can have a dramatic effect on our feelings.  Many of us have had the experience of waking up in a bad mood, for no apparent reason.  It could be that you had a bad dream you may not even remember.  The next thing you know, you have stubbed your toe on the foot of the bed and now you are running late.  The effect of one negative thought can be cumulative, when they are added they actually manifest in negative events.

Instead of concentrating on the negative thought and manifesting the result that you don’t want, you can use a positive phrase or thought to bring about the condition you truly want.   A positive thought example would be, “I will arrive early”.  Thoughts of this nature will lead to other positive and pleasant thoughts. You will totally relieve yourself of the pressure and negative feelings associated with rushing or losing time. You can then think about something you would enjoy doing, like sipping a coffee while waiting for others or window shopping before a movie.

The good news is that positive thoughts are not only cumulative by addition but they are a multiplier!   One of the first steps required to use the law of attraction effectively is to not only state this fact, but firmly believe it.  You can use this positive thought energy to manifest anything in the world that you want. You don’t even have to know how you are going to achieve it, but you need to state it clearly.   To that end we can start with all the good feelings positive thoughts will attract to us.

This understanding is fundamental to use the law of attraction in a positive way.

Central Summary 

  • The law of attraction is always at work, even if you are not aware of it.
  • The law of attraction does not recognize words like don’t or won’t
  • Every thought has a vibration or frequency
  • Thoughts directly influence our feelings

Central Positive Action Step

Become consciously aware of negative thoughts and replace them immediately with positive thoughts.


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