Doubt – The Law of Attraction Killer

Doubt is the single most destructive voice that comes from the most important influencer of our day to day behaviour, our own minds. Doubt and fear are the very root of negativity and a sure law of attraction killer.

But where does doubt really come from?

Chances are if we took a deeper look into our upbringing, or even not so distant past, we will learn that that little voice inside your head telling you that whatever you truly want it not possible begins there!

We have been conditioned by our parents and loved ones. As well meaning as they may have been when they told you something you wanted or dreamt about can not happen, that you will be better off doing something else. Even worse they told you that this is the way things are, that you should accept the status quo and find happiness somewhere other than the things you truly want out of life.

While you should be thankful for what you have at the present moment, it does not mean that things can not or will not get better if you act and think in a certain way. The “certain way” is using all of the lessons that teachers of the law of attraction have taught us. Be positive and more positive things will happen. But for many people the very starting point of getting this principle to work is to overcome their own fears and self doubt. To believe in the possibilities that we believed in before the world programmed them into doubting themselves and fearing the consequence of failure. 

Negativity May Have Been the Cause

The real question to ask is, how many times have I actually tried to achieve my dream? Once? Twice? How many people ever get to the third attempt?  Some people subscribe to the three strikes and you are out rule. That kind of thinking really has no place in successful people’s lives. If on your one or two attempts at achieving your dream, you focused on reasons to fail you were on the wrong track from the beginning.

Dare to dream and over come your fear once again, much like when you were a child. Before you were programmed, the world seemed full of possibility. If you find yourself saying “ I wish” or “what if” often. It is time to reprogram your thinking from impossible to Im possible!

Doubt, Failure and the Law of Attraction

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