Law of Attraction: Overview

A Historical Digest The phrase law of attraction has virtually exploded in the post Y2K world! With the movie the secret and more recently Oprah Winfrey’s mention of the law attraction has made this phrase almost common knowledge. The history of the actual “Law” as we have come to call it, dates back centuries, the first reference to this idea can be found on the emerald tablet. The tablet is believed to be the first record of man’s conscious awareness to the power of positive thoughts.  “As above, so below, as within, so without. ” It is difficult to define … Continue reading

The Law of Attraction and Your Right to be Wealthy in Every Aspect of Your Life

You are Worthy – The Right to Have Abundance in Every Aspect of Life If we think about the three things necessary to have what most would consider a successful complete life in the modern world, one would want all life has to offer in the three main categories of love, monetary wealth and health. The law of attraction and the universe make it possible for every human to attain this. None of these things should remain stagnant, and it is the natural state of the universe to have each one of these things evolve and grow as we move … Continue reading

Doubt – The Law of Attraction Killer

Doubt is the single most destructive voice that comes from the most important influencer of our day to day behaviour, our own minds. Doubt and fear are the very root of negativity and a sure law of attraction killer. But where does doubt really come from? Chances are if we took a deeper look into our upbringing, or even not so distant past, we will learn that that little voice inside your head telling you that whatever you truly want it not possible begins there! We have been conditioned by our parents and loved ones. As well meaning as they … Continue reading

Your Greatest Obstacle

  Image Via Pinterest For many people the greatest obstacle they will ever face is themselves! Our thoughts affect everything we do in life, from the job we take to the mate we pick. A lot of people settle for less, or don’t believe in themselves enough to achieve more. Why? The war between their ego and their spirit! Your consciousness (spirit) believes anything is possible, that you can achieve anything that you can imagine and that you are worth it! Your ego does not like to face failure or challenges of any kind. It’s main goal is to protect … Continue reading

It’s All About Perspective – Abraham Lincoln

Source   The world and the way we perceive it can change instantly! It is all about the things we focus on and how we choose to view them. The quality of our thoughts and perception affect the outcome of our daily lives. How you choose to see anything will determine how you feel and more importantly the action you decide to take, if any! “We can complain because the rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice because the thorn bushes have roses.” Abraham Lincoln The choice is truly yours!

Dream Big! Smile! It lifts your spirits and raises your vibration level immediately. Dream! It all starts with a thought, be confident that you can achieve anything you can conceive. Laugh! A sure sign that you are broadcasting to the universe on a positive channel is laughter. Be Grateful! I’m sure that no matter your current situation, if you stop and take a closer look at your life, there is plenty to be thankful for at this present moment. From the vision you have to be reading this, to the device you are viewing it on, to the shoes on your … Continue reading

Nelson Mandela – Choices

May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears!

We all have choices to make everyday. The first choice we usually make is if something is good or bad, positive or negative. We choose what we notice and we make our decision based on the fundamental feelings of love or fear. Making a Choice from a place of love, in this case, love for yourself is a positive choice. Positive choices lead to inspired positive action! Positive action will lead to change that can only be for the better. How do you know when you are taking positive action? It never feels tiring or old, it feels like fun! … Continue reading

Be Nice To Yourself!

  How many people do this? It starts with negative thoughts about what you can achieve, a constant dialogue in your head about what is not possible. For others it goes further than that, a self – loathing feeling about choices made in the past that may have had a negative outcome at the time. Failing to see that the only thing that matters is now, is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make. Not only is this a law of attraction killer, but it will manifest itself in every aspect of life. From relationships with your friends, … Continue reading

Deepak Chopra – Be Happy!

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble because that reason can be taken from you.” – Deepak Chopra We all need to re-connect with our blissful innocence. Remember when simple things and the joy of discovery made you happy? That is a true connection to the universe. When we are happy the source will reflect more to be happy for. Smile and be grateful! Via Pinterest